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Bernard (Tianjin) automatic equipment abbreviation (Tianjin Bernard) company leading product is: "Tianjin Bernard" brand, Bernard  electric executive agency adopts internal cause and external connection, production, study, research, it inherits Bernard's 25 year core technology and combines our company's independent research and development combined results, and uses the national most The advanced single-chip technology is developed into a fully intelligent position locator to form a new generation of intelligent electric actuator. The intelligent position locator is mainly composed of the main control board (central microprocessor), the highway control module, the on-the-spot man-machine dialogue display unit, the infrared receiving single element and so on. The actuator is non intrusive. Structural design. At present, this actuator is a domestic advanced electric executive product "Tianjin Bernard" brand homemade series (ASP/AS50/AS100/AS200/AS400/ST14/ST18/ST30), SD series (B+RS250/B+RS400/B+RS600/B+RS160/ B+RS800), SR series electric actuator, BIQ series electrical actuator (BIQ25/BIQ35/BIQ40/ BIQ70/B). IQ90/BIQ95/) electric device. Tianjin Bernard has a wide range of p...



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